RADULA | Malmö, Sweden
We are Radula. We play screaming indie pop with crying guitars in a dark room with naive melodies. We sing with all our voices but sometimes let the drum beat tell the joke. The songs might remind you of something you heard in a car stereo twenty-five years ago when you still dreamt about the sunny west coast, wore bangs and your sisters worn out t-shirt. But you stayed where you are and soon before the millennium new people were born that grew up and now when it’s their turn to hit the sticky big city club floors the tunes might all sound new. And when the young adults dream of other suns on other distant coasts, we’d like to play for them.

Radula is Hillevi Duus on d rums (also a member of the bands Hunt and Growth), Tove Möller on electric guitar (mem ber of the folk-pop duo To All My Friends) and Ella Blixt on bass guitar (member of pop bands as It’s A Musical, B obby and Blumm, Nikita and Bobby Baby). Some years back Ella and Tove lived in Berlin doing music and Ella has toured as support act with bands as Tocotronic, Whitest Boy Alive and as a musician with Masha Qrella. All three have strong Germany connections and have been touring a lot with different bands. But this is the first Radula tour in Germany to celebrate their greatness and a new release!


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SEQUENZSIAZ | Iron Hill , Germany

Sequenzsiaz is the solo project of the songwriter Joan M. Trinks from Eisenberg, Germany. Joan has been working under that name since 2001. From the start, she prefered synthesizers and electronic music as accompaniment, in contrast to most songwriters’ preference for string instruments. Her first song, Bracket RMX, featured the musician Dolores Synthetic. She self-published it online in 2006; the second song followed two years later. After this hesitant beginning, Joan M. Trink began performing in German clubs, drawing attention with her full singing voice, intimate lyrics and catchy melancholic melodies. In 2014, she published her debut under the title Sleepwalker.